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Looking Down the Road

Looking back, Connecticut Bulk Transport (CBT) was founded in 1990 as a hands-on solution to a real business problem, namely the reliable, timely delivery of home heating oil to private fuel terminals in the state. What began as a one-truck operation has since grown to a fleet of nine tractors and fifteen tank trailers, transporting heating oil, diesel, asphalt cement, and propane throughout Southern New England.

While much in the petroleum industry has changed over the last three decades, one thing that has remained consistent is CBT’s unwavering commitment to the highest levels of professionalism and reliability delivering superior service to its customers. With the highest standards for safety and dependability, CBT has built a reputation that is key to its success. There is something to be said about being focused, honest and consistent in delivering on your promises.
Looking ahead, CBT looks forward to continued growth of its client base through safe, reliable transport services, while delivering to the same high standards that have made it one of the most respected tank carriers in all of New England.

About the Owner

Danny Possidento has over 40 years’ experience in the petroleum industry, starting as a driver at age 18. In 1983 he starting his own home heating oil delivery business in Stamford CT, and in 1990 founded Connecticut Bulk Transport to address the growing need for a reliable bulk carrier between major and private fuel terminals in the region. Starting as his own driver, mechanic and operations manager, he’s grown his one tractor trailer operation to a fleet of nine tractors and fifteen tanker trailers, transporting heating oil, diesel, asphalt cement, and propane throughout Southern New England for over thirty years. Through care, focus, and determination, he has forged strong relationships and built a reputation for professionalism and reliability that is the success of CBT for over three decades.
"Because the Possidento’s personally run the daily operations, we are assured that the service we receive is of the highest quality.”
Reliable Oil & Heat Co.

“Well-managed, excellent customer service, and a hardworking crew of drivers.”
Peckham Materials Corp.
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